American Farm School

AFS, Thessaloniki


900 m2

Maria Deda
Maria Koukoutsi
Visualization: Simos Grigoriadis



The scope of work for this architectural competition was the extension of existing AFS high school with the addition of 5 new classrooms and all auxiliaries.

The basic guidelines for this project were the following:

  • Create an extension which will blend well into the surroundings and the existing high school of AFS
  • Design a school based on passive solar and sustainable architectural design
  • Create classrooms and internal spaces which are friendly and pleasant for users.
  • Use green materials, bright colors and natural textures.
  • Use graphics to promote the dynamic of knowledge and interaction between students.

Existing AFS High School is accommodated in two buildings, the idea to add another for the extension was a decision that came against our architectural design principles. Considering the proper organization of the school as a unit we proposed the demolition of the older building and we designed a new two stories school unit where all classrooms are north oriented.

Based on the principles of passive solar design, right position and size of openings contribute to natural ventilation and shading during summer, while during winter we have thermal gain due to suns lower path.

All materials proposed for the building core are highly insulated including the grass roof.

Metal shading devices with graphics, are placed in front of the building façade and wood cladding is proposed on the building’s elevations.

Internally there are several spots and meeting places where students can communicate and share their opinions and goals. Think tanks that work as a community bond between the users.

Overall designing a building for young users is always an inspiration for our team.