Anatolia College



3.500 m2

Konstantinos Lefakis
Maria Deda
Ifigenia Douka
Varvara Karaoglou
Αlexia Prassa
Korina Voulgaridou
Visualization: Stamatis Kyraleos

Structural Design: METESYSM SA

The proposal concerns the refurbishment of the existing buildings Compton Hall, Stephens Hall and part of Ladas Hall in order to house the I.B. extended Facilities.
Our design aims at satisfying all conditions and requirements set by the client and, at the same time, provide a contemporary educational complex, which will meet all functional, technological and aesthetic needs of today. Additionally, our objective is to achieve functional and aesthetic integration of the two separate buildings, by introducing unifying elements. Our goal is to organize the various uses and functions taking into consideration the available space and the restrictions of the existing structures as well as functionality, familiarity and effectiveness of the surrounding environment.

Compton and Stephens Halls are massive, introvert, simple – form stone structures, which are preserved regarding their shell, with minor interventions where needed. Both stone buildings are refurbished internally in order to accommodate the new functions, while the north – east addition at Compton’s and the part of Ladas used are refurbished both internally and externally. A screen of vertical timber louvers envelops both parts, creating a light perforated structure, opposed to the massiveness of the stone buildings. The pitched ending of the screen refers to the pitched roofs of the buildings. Two canopies of the same material are provided on both facades of Ladas, while a third one, placed at a distance, creates a portal highlighting the main entrance of the complex. The timber screen becomes canopy, balustrade, fence or flooring, creating a unifying element and key feature of the complex.
The proposed materials are consistent with the design concept and the traditional form of existing buildings, while at the same time blend with the surrounding environment.