Maria Deda
Maria Koukoutsi
Vivi Bampou
Visualization: Stamatis Kyraleos

The scope of work for this project was the total refurbishment of a listed building to its initial use as a hotel. The Former Cosmopolitic Hotel is located right in the heart of the city center of Thessaloniki and it was created in 1929. Nowadays it is standing in a state of abandonment.

The basic guidelines for this project were the following:

  • Respect the buildings history and its monumental value.
  • Use appropriate materials, colors and textures to match with the existing historical decorations of the building.
  • Create a luxurious and pleasant environment for the users.
  • Cause minimum alterations to the building core

All common areas and rooms are fully refurbished. The ornate plaster works in the walls and ceilings are being restored along with other decorative elements, such as internal doors etc, in the extent possible . The wooden floors are being replaced with new ones, as well as all external openings but maintaining their historic form.

Every room has a new wc and shower cabin constructed by light materials. All furniture stands free in the room and even wall lights are placed on the headboard, to prevent damaging the existing walls.

Colors and textures selected bring a warm and classy atmosphere for the visitors.