Anatolia College



3.500 m2

Deda Maria
Karaoglou Varvara
Vaskali Ellie

Under Construction

A flexible, three-story building will be constructed on the Lyceum side of Anatolia College (formerly known as “Arenon”). Our proposal aims at a contemporary educational building, and consists of the demolition of the existing Ladas building, a conventional 60s building, the aesthetic and functional upgrade of the historical stone building Compton Hall and the construction of the New Wing, which will be functionally connected to Compton Hall.

The New Wing will cover ​​approximately 2,350 sqm., house 14 new classrooms, four to six state-of-the-art laboratories, study rooms, a multi-purpose room and all the required common areas, to which special attention has been given, as well as the newly established Kassandra Center for Educational Excellence/ IB Diploma Programme.

The basic principles underlying our architectural proposal are, on the one hand, to provide the building with a solid and recognizable presence and, on the other hand, to achieve maximum utilization of the natural environment and the microclimate of the Anatolia College campus.

The Kassandra Center for The Kassanda Educational Excellence / IB Diploma Programme architectural proposal envisages a flexible school building, which will encourage creation, participation and interaction, while honoring the long history and tradition of the educational institution by highlighting Compton Hall, so that it achieves a harmonious fit into the campus’ excellent natural environment. The proposal brings together two building entities that will coexist in rhythmic autonomy, without one dominating the other.

Our main goals are :
-The creation of highly functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces,
-New technologies and contemporary aesthetics,
-Flexibility, classrooms that can be easily transformed and a variety of spaces and seats that allow for different activities to take place, while encouraging encourage participation and teamwork.
-Transparency and clarity: abundant glazing breaks down physical boundaries and encourages a sense of belonging for the school community.
-Brightness: natural light and colors will encourage sensory learning
-Natural ventilation: promotes a pleasant microclimate and a healthy environment that fosters alertness and attention.

The new school complex will increase the capacity of the Anatolia College IBDP from 160 to 240 students and will satisfy all functional, technological and aesthetic present and future needs.

The building has been designed to achieve the best possible sustainability performance and optimization of the internal environment (thermal comfort and air quality), but also to consume the least possible energy. This is achieved by selecting energy saving materials, as well as by orienting the classrooms on the north-south axis and using environmentally friendly materials and systems, which aim achieving an optimum integrated life cycle performance.