Anatolia Elementary School



5.500 m2

Konstantinos Lefakis
Maria Deda
Ifigenia Douka
Αlexia Prassa
Giorgos Hatzikosmas
Manos Tourpalis
Varvara Karaoglou
Christina Brozou
Korina Voulgaridou

Structural Design: METESYSM SA
MEP: Vassilis Konstantinidis


2nd prize Invited Competition

Education is a holistic approach towards the development of children’s personality, through the enhancement of their physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional and social abilities. Our goal is to provide exactly the type of contemporary and innovative building which will meet all modern educational aspects, as well as the functional, technological and aesthetic needs.
The main concept of our proposal is the transition from a typical school wing (classrooms – corridor – classrooms) to a loose layout by splitting, separating, turning and dispersing units into the landscape. The new Elementary School will consist of 24 classrooms and various other facilities. Our design approach is to arrange them into three individual complexes, including the existing building, interconnected through sheltered circulation spaces.

A new linear building, which will house all common areas and administration, is developed along the eastern boundary in continuation with the existing building, and forms a boundary/ background for the rest of the complex. The classrooms are combined to form six individual units scattered among the environment. They are organized around small courtyards creating intimate and personal spaces. Generous glazing allows students to experience the green environment as an integral part of the learning process.
Public areas, gardens and patios are equally important with the school classrooms. All units and separate buildings are connected by canopies or semi covered areas, forming an extensive network of intermediate/transitional public spaces and providing sheltered connection between all buildings. The fascinating interplay of open spaces and closed volumes creates an interesting spatial game. The interconnecting canopies and circulation spaces penetrate the units, to bring outside environment inside the buildings.
The proposed child-centered layout creates a quality learning environment, suitable for educating the younger generation.