Panorama, Thessaloniki


370 m2

Maria Deda
Varvara Karaoglou
Iro Koutsioumpa

Lighting Design: Anna Gerasimou Doufou
Structural Design: Sapfo Tsolaki

MEP Design: Cambicci & Associates
Construction-Supervision: V. Kostoglou

Alexia Prassa

Residential Awards 2020 | Platinum

This particular project has been an interesting challenge for us, due to the fact that  besides the usual issues addressed during a residence renovation, such as the adaptation to the functional and spatial needs of the client and the infrastructure upgrading, the property in question also required a drastic renewal of its external morphology.

In order to achieve the desired outcome, we reserved the interesting volumetric & spatial relations, while we removed and transformed elements that were considered dated, such as the tile roof and lush balconies. We also put great emphasis on exploiting the privileged position and panoramic view by enlarging the openings and applying greater extroversy in the internal layout, thus achieving a more timeless aesthetics. The purity of the lines and materials, the use of simple geometries and earthy colors palette contribute in turn to the desired result.

In respect to the internal spatial arrangements, the ground floor is now designed as a continuous unified space, while the addition of a lift is incorporated in the wooden-clad cube containing the WC and kitchen. On the first floor, the rooms are restructured to accommodate the required bedrooms for the family, ensuring unobstructed views for each one.

The main materials used, both in the interior and exterior of the residence, are gray veined marble, oak floors, glass parapets, walnut wall claddings combined with rougher surfaces, aluminum sun shades and pergolas.

The surrounding area of the property is organized in various spaces, with dedicated vehicle and pedestrian entrances, a large plant-filled and sun-drenched yard, in addition to a more protected and covered terrace.

A special mention is also due to the lighting study and  furnishing choices made, ensuring that the final outcome reflects the contemporary character of the architectural principles, giving a sense of unassuming luxury and comfort, while at the same time meeting the most important objective: a home to upgrade the living and embody the client’s personality.