185 m2

Maria Deda
Maria Koukoutsi
Visualization: Stamatis Kyraleos


The scope of work for this project was to deliver a unique place for ski lovers of all ages, right in the city of Vancouver. The idea is to welcome ski enthusiasts and fulfill their various needs. From shopping and training to fixing and maintenance of ski equipment. All these in a place suitable for meeting and socializing or even celebrating events such as birthdays etc.

The basic guidelines for this multi -faceted project were the following:

  • Create a friendly and pleasant environment for all age users.
  • Distinguish and mix the several different uses.
  • Use materials, colors and textures close to a mountain chalet feel.
  • Use of high-tech ski simulators

Total shop area is 185m2, and it is located on the ground floor of Capilano Business Park, in North Vancouver.

Ski Cosmos provides the space where ski athletes of any level can practice skiing daily, using one of the two ski simulators available. Ski practice is being held with the supervision of qualified instructors. There is also a retail part with boot fitting and as well as service facility for all skiing equipment.

Ski Cosmos is the perfect place for socializing, drinking coffee or heaving a light snack while being around people who share the same love for the sport year-round.