Thermi, Thessaloniki


50.000 m2

The proposal consists of the Refurbishment and Upgrading of the existing Thermal Baths infrastructure, the creation of new Sport Facilities and the rearrangement of the greater forested area.
The principle of our design was to show the utmost respect for the natural environment, highlighting its unique beauty, while creating a memorable experience for the guests. The main goal was upgrading the surrounding area through environmental and sustainable design, applied to existing buildings as well as landscaped areas.

In designing the park, nature was the main protagonist, with all new interventions fully incorporated. Former access points are combined with new pedestrian routes and vegetation in order to enrich the existing environment and provide thermal comfort, shading and general protection from various weather conditions. All elements of synthesis, such as water features, paths and trails, thematic parks and playgrounds etc., follow natural, curved forms to create areas to meander or rest, bike or walk, meditate or observe.